‘Prosecutor general’ of self-proclaimed Donbas republic killed in Luhansk blast

An explosion was reported at the “prosecutor general’s office” building in the self-proclaimed Luhansk “people’s republic” (“LPR”), Russian news agency Interfax writes.

“Preliminary reports suggest there are casualties,” Andrey Marochko, the so-called spokesman of the “LPR people’s militia”, said.

“LPR prosecutor general” Sergey Gorenko was injured in the explosion, Interfax stated, citing emergency services. “According to preliminary information, LPR prosecutor general Sergey Gorenko was in the affected area and was injured,” the agency writes.


“LPR prosecutor general” Sergey Gorenko was killed in the blast in Luhansk, Interfax reports, citing local emergency services. “According to preliminary information, LPR prosecutor general Sergey Gorenko died of the injuries he suffered as a result of the explosion in his office,” the agency’s source said. His deputy was also killed in the explosion, TASS writes.

According to the “Luhansk information centre”, the third floor of the building was damaged. The employees were evacuated. Emergency services are working on the scene.

A video showing the aftermath of the explosion.

Russian state news agency TASS confirms there are people injured in the blast.

Earlier today, the pro-Russian “government” of Ukraine’s Kherson region stated that Ukraine had carried out a missile strike on the regional administration building. One man was killed in the attack. The “deputy chief” of the region’s labour department was wounded.

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