Ukraine strikes regional administration building in Russia-occupied Kherson

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have targeted the Kherson regional administration building in a missile strike, Kirill Stremousov, the so-called “deputy chief of the Kherson regional administration”, told Russian news agency Interfax.

At least five missiles reached the area surrounding the building, a correspondent with Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reports. Ukrainian Telegram channels are also reporting on the attack.

A video of the aftermath of the attack provided by RIA Novosti

A driver of the labour department chief was killed in the attack, while the official herself was wounded, RIA Novosti stated. The missile hit the building during a session attended by heads of administrations and districts, the local “government” says.

Updated 3:20 pm

The death toll in the Kherson regional administration strike has risen to three, Interfax reports, citing emergency services. Two passers-by and the driver of the labour department chief were killed in the attack.

A correspondent of Ukrainian news outlet Suspilne reports that smoke was seen rising behind the regional administration building in the area of the appeals court.

Ukraine carried out the missile strike with HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, TASS reports, citing pro-Russian officials. The building that formed part of the Kherson “military-civil administration” was destroyed.

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In late August, the British intelligence stated that Russian army units around Kherson are likely under-manned and are reliant upon fragile supply lines by ferry and pontoon bridges across the Dnipro River. According to the UK intelligence, Ukrainian strikes continue to disrupt Russian resupply.

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