Russian Supreme Court revokes Novaya Gazeta website’s online media license

The Russian Supreme Court has ruled to revoke Novaya Gazeta (Moscow) website’s online media license, a Novaya Gazeta. Europe correspondent reports from court.

Photo: Novaya Gazeta. Europe

Photo: Novaya Gazeta. Europe

Russia’s censorship agency Roskomnadzor previously filed a lawsuit against the media outlet following two warnings over the lack of “foreign agent” labels in its articles. One of the persons mentioned by Roskomnadzor was taken off the foreign agent list at the time of the publication. However, Novaya Gazeta’s lawsuits requesting to deem these warnings unlawful have still not been considered by the court.

In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that allows the government to revoke media licenses of outlets that spread “false information” on the actions of the Russian army or state bodies. If it is the first violation, the license will be revoked for three months, if it is the second one, it will be revoked for six months. If the “false information” is deleted, the license can be recovered sooner.

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