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Censorship may have decimated independent journalism in Russia, but it won’t stop us reporting freely about the country and the war in Ukraine. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly Russian news updates. No matter what the Kremlin comes up with next, email will still work.

Our newsletters in Russian

Every Friday

Novaya-Europe’s weekly bulletin

Every Friday, Novaya-Europe’s website producer handpicks the most important events of the past week especially for you. After 24 February, knowing how to interpret news correctly and what to focus on has become truly a life-saving skill. A digest that sums up our key reports and investigations is just what the doctor ordered.

Every Tuesday

Zekletter. Sending news to prison

For almost 30 years, Novaya Gazeta has been a source of honest news for prisoners all across Russia. Now, there are no more Novaya print versions available, but we’ve found a solution. Every Tuesday, we send out a newsletter that adheres to prison censorship rules. We also attach the contact info and addresses of prisoners whom you can send this newsletter to with your words of support.

Every other Thursday

Europe at a glance. What you really need to know about what’s happening in Europe

Every other week we’ll bring you a round-up and analysis of key events in Europe in the most accessible way possible. Subscribe so you never miss out on something to discuss over coffee with your European friends. Stay up-to-date with the latest on the never-ending problems faced by Russian émigrés (visas, banks, etc.). And stand with us as together we bring Russia back into the family of European nations where human rights and the rule of law are the norm.

Our newsletter in English

Every Friday


Named for the official status given to us by the Kremlin, UNDESIRABLE is Novaya Gazeta Europe’s new weekly English newsletter. Every Friday, subscribers will receive a recap of the week’s most important news from Russia and the latest developments in the war in Ukraine, as well as exclusive early access to an upcoming Novaya Europe long read or investigation.

Keep well informed about everything that’s going on in Russia by subscribing here.

Our newsletter in Latvian

Twice a month

Beyond the Border

Novaya Gazeta Europe teams up with journalist Ilya Kozin for our first newsletter in Latvian — Aiz un ārpus robežas, or Beyond the Border.

Pirmais «Novaja Gazeta Eiropa» un Iljas Kozina e-biļetens latviešu valodā — «Aiz un ārpus robežas». Divreiz mēnesī jūs saņemsiet īpašu apkopojumu ar materiāliem par svarīgākajiem notikumiem Krievijā, ārpus tās, un par karu Ukrainā.

Support our mission and independent media in exile

Support our mission and independent media in exile


Support our mission and independent media in exile

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