Five killed and 47 injured in Russian air strike on central Ukraine’s Dnipro

Photo: Serhiy Lysak / Telegram

Photo: Serhiy Lysak / Telegram

A Russian air strike on the city of Dnipro in central Ukraine on Wednesday morning has killed five people and injured a further 47, according to Dnipropetrovsk Governor Serhiy Lysak.

Russian forces attacked the city using both missiles and drones, Lysak said, adding that a 14-year-old girl was among the 34 injured, a third of whom had to be hospitalised, and two of whom were in a critical condition.

Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne said at least 10 explosions had been heard in the city in total, and that the Appolo shopping centre and a petrol station were among the sites that had been targeted.

Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov said that the attack had shattered windows in two schools and three kindergartens, and that a piece of shrapnel had landed in the intensive care unit of a local children’s hospital. He declared Thursday a day of mourning for the victims of the attack.

The strike comes less than a week after Russian forces launched a missile at a residential building in Dnipro that killed one person and injured 12 more on Friday evening. Zelensky said the attack showed that “only a sufficient quantity and quality of air defence systems and the world’s determination” could stop Russian terror.

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