Security Service of Ukraine detains Russian espionage group allegedly operating in Odesa

Photo: the Security Service of Ukraine

Photo: the Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has detained a group of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agents operating in the Ukrainian city of Odesa, the SSU’s Telegram channel announced on Tuesday.

The intelligence gathering group was made up of two Ukrainian military personnel and a third civilian accomplice, according to the SSU, which added that it had caught two of the alleged agents red handed photographing a military facility, while the third was detained at her home after she conducted reconnaissance of a potential target.

The group was allegedly scouting, photographing and saving the coordinates of Ukrainian air defence systems, and had, according to the SSU, also been responsible for installing hidden cameras in Odesa’s port facilities.

The investigation found that the agents used taxi services to move discretely around the city, with one of the suspects frequently changing wigs to disguise her appearance. During the search, the SSU seized mobile phones it said had been used exclusively to communicate with the FSB.

SSU investigators plan to charge the three suspects with high treason, and all three could face life in prison if convicted.

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