Yevgenia Berkovich receives medical attention after falling ill in court

Yevgenia Berkovich. Photo: SOTAvision

Yevgenia Berkovich. Photo: SOTAvision

An ambulance had to be called on Monday morning when Russian theatre director and playwright Yevgenia Berkovich, who is currently on trial in a Moscow military court on charges of justifying terrorism, suddenly fell ill, independent media outlet Meduza reported.

While the details of Berkovich’s poor health are unknown, a witness in court said that Berkovich had fallen ill prior to the scheduled start of Monday’s court proceedings. The next session of Berkovich’s trial has been postponed until medical personnel determine that she’s fit enough to attend.

Charges were brought against Berkovich and playwright Svetlana Petriychuk a year ago over Berkovich’s award-winning production of Petriychuk’s play Finist, The Brave Falcon. According to a specialist anti-terror unit within the Interior Ministry, the play contains and promotes radical Islamic beliefs.

On Thursday two prominent Russian actors, Veniamin Smekhov and Kseniya Rappoport testified on behalf of Berkovich and Petriychuk. Throughout the legal proceedings thus far, both women have staunchly maintained their innocence on all charges.

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