Russian court sentences man to three years in prison for threatening child wearing pro-war cap

A resident of the Russian city Yekaterinburg has been sentenced to three years in prison for threatening a schoolboy wearing a hat with the pro-war Z symbol on it, Telegram channel Vechernie Vedomosti reported on Monday.

Alexander Neustroev was found guilty by the court of hooliganism and threatening violence in an incident that took place on 21 April 2023. Doorbell camera footage posted by the news outlet JustMedia showed Alexander Neustroev shouting at an 11-year-old and threatening to “kick his ass” for wearing a Z hat and demanding to speak to his parents.

Neustroev was detained by police on 24 April. Initially found guilty and fined 7,000 rubles (€70) last year, a retrial was ordered when it emerged that the boy’s mother worked for the court, causing prosecutors to question the impartiality of the trial.

Following the incident, the 11-year-old schoolboy reportedly started giving talks at other schools in the city about “the true story of Ukraine and Donbas". The city administration has pledged to support the project’s rollout in the region’s schools, news site reported.

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