Civilian in Russia’s Belgorod region crushed to death by tank in road accident

Photo: Pepel

Photo: Pepel

Drunk Russian soldiers are believed to have been behind a tank crashing into a passenger vehicle in Russia’s Belgorod region on Friday night, killing the car’s driver, Belgorod-focused independent Telegram channel Pepel reported on Monday.

Andrey Alekseyev, a truck driver who had recently moved with his family to the Tver region to escape the ongoing cross-border shelling in Belgorod, was reportedly on his way home to see his family when his car was crushed by a tank on the road between the villages of Krasivo and Golovchino.

In a video that was shot in the immediate aftermath of the incident, men in military uniform examine Alekseyev’s body and can be heard to say, “Yes he’s dead, he’s dead. There’s nothing you can do.”

The soldiers apparently attempted to flee the scene of the accident, but were stopped 3 kilometers away. According to locals, on the previous afternoon the same soldiers had been seen driving the tank around the nearby town of Grayvoron, where they caused damage to the road.

The accident has not so far been reported by state media, and it remains unclear if the soldiers have been detained, Pepel reported.

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