At least seven farm workers killed in drone attack on vehicles in Russia’s Belgorod region

A drone attack on an agroholding in Russia’s southern Belgorod region on Monday morning has killed at least seven people employed by two local pig farms, state owned news agency TASS has reported.

The Russian Health Ministry wrote on Telegram that in addition to the dead, another 40 people had been injured, including three children.

Drones apparently struck two vehicles, a car and a minibus, as they transported farm employees. A third drone, which reportedly struck one of the pig farms but did not explode, was taken away for examination, Telegram channel Mash reported.

Russia’s Investigative Committee responded to the incident by announcing an investigation into the attack.

In view of the increasing number of deadly attacks on the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, the regional authorities last month announced the mandatory installation of anti-drone nets on agricultural machinery.

Drivers of both tractors and combine harvesters have also been required to wear helmets and flak jackets at work, as well as to carry first aid kits with them during their shifts. The new regulations mean that any business failing to implement sufficient precautions will not be compensated for damage caused by drone attacks.

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