Overnight air strike injures 14 in Odesa as Russia intercepts drones over several regions

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine’s Odesa region

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine’s Odesa region

Fourteen people were injured in a Russian missile attack on the southern Ukrainian port city of Odesa overnight, local governor Oleh Kiper said on Telegram Thursday.

One man was hospitalised with non-life-threatening injuries, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations reported, adding that the rest of the injured were treated on site.

The strike follows Tuesday’s attack on Odesa that killed three people and Monday’s attack on that killed five people and injured at least 23.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday it had intercepted and destroyed 12 drones in five regions overnight.

Authorities in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia did not immediately comment on the aftermath of the drone attack there, but Telegram channels SHOT and Astra said local residents heard explosions near the village of Afipsky, which is home to an oil refinery. SHOT said the drones were shot down as they approached their target. Preliminary reports said there were no casualties or damage.

Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said two drones had struck a village close to the Ukrainian border. No casualties were reported.

Other regions hit in the attack, including the Kursk region in southwestern Russia, the Bryansk regions in western Russia, and the Rostov region in southern Russia, also reported no casualties.

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