Russian oil refinery ablaze amid media reports of drone strike

Six Ukrainian drones were shot down over Russia overnight, the Russian Defence Ministry reported Wednesday.

Three were destroyed over the Voronezh region in the west of the country, one each over the Belgorod and Kursk regions, in southwestern Russia, and one in the Ryazan region in the centre of the country.

Several Telegram channels reported that a drone had struck an oil refinery in the Ryazan region, setting it ablaze. Two explosions were heard near the refinery at 3am, Baza reported, while Mash claimed the refinery had come under attack from multiple drones. There has been no official report of a fire at the refinery.

A Ukrainian security service source told news outlet RBC-Ukraine that the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR) had carried out the attack. “A GUR drone operation in the early hours of 1 May struck the Ryazan oil refinery in Russia,” the source said.

There has been no official comment from Ukraine on the attack.

The authorities in the Belgorod and Kursk regions have not yet commented on the aftermath of the attacks. Voronezh Governor Alexander Gusev said debris from the drone attack there had damaged three houses in the region but caused no injuries.

Preliminary reports from the Ryazan region said nobody had been injured and the damage was being inspected, Governor Pavel Malkov wrote on Telegram.

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