Tenth suspect in Crocus City Hall terror attack arrested

A court in Moscow has charged a tenth man with involvement in last month’s terror attack on Crocus City Hall, the Moscow court press service announced on Monday.

Yakubdzhon Yusufzoda, a citizen of Tajikistan, has been charged with terrorism and has been placed in a pretrial detention centre until 22 May.

Yusufzoda was first detained on March 23 after attempting to escape from police and then actively resisting arrest once he was caught. He officially became one of the defendants in the terror attack case on Sunday.

The Russian Investigative Committee alleged that the defendant transferred money to the accomplices of the crime a few days before the attack on 22 March “to guarantee their accommodation”. Part of these funds were allegedly transferred to one of the gunmen after the shooting.

Yusufzoda is the 10th citizen of Tajikistan to have been charged in relation to the terror attack, alongside the four alleged gunmen and some five other men alleged to have assisted the attackers.

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