Two killed in Russian air strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure overnight

The Russian military launched drone and missile strikes on Ukraine overnight Saturday, the Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk said on Sunday morning.

According to Oleshchuk, Russian forces launched 14 cruise missiles, 11 Shahed drones, an Iskander ballistic missile and an air-to-air missile, of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed nine cruise missiles and nine drones.

In the Lviv region, a missile strike on a critical infrastructure facility that had previously been attacked on both 24 and 29 March, killed one person, destroyed an administrative building and led to the outbreak of a fire, according to the regional authorities. Another person was killed in the overnight attacks in the Kherson region.

In the northeastern Sumy region, Russian forces shelled villages along the Russian border and 29 explosions were recorded. The Zaporizhzhya, Mykolayiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions were also shelled.

The operator of Ukraine’s power grid, Ukrenergo, said that an emergency shutdown of the power network had been required following the attacks on the Odesa region, but that power supplies had since been restored.

The Russian Defence Ministry said it carried out a group strike with long-range “high-precision weapons” and drones on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and gas production facilities. “As a result of the strike, the work of defence industry enterprises to make and repair weapons, military equipment and ammunition has been disrupted,” the ministry said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wished those celebrating a peaceful Easter on Sunday. “Now there is no night or day when Russian terror does not try to break our lives. Last night, they again fired missiles and Shahed drones against people,” he said, adding: “But we defend ourselves, we endure, our spirit does not give up and knows that it is possible to avert death. Life can prevail.”

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