One further suspect in Crocus City Hall terrorist attack detained



The Investigative Committee said on Thursday that another person had been detained on suspicion of involvement with the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall on 22 March, in which at least 143 people were killed.

A suspect “alleged to have helped finance the terrorist attack has been identified and detained,” the statement said. “The Investigative Committee will now petition the court to remand the suspect in custody.”

It did not name the suspect or specify the charges against him, but did suggest that money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine allegedly received by the Crocus City Hall gunmen were evidence of a connection to “Ukrainian nationalists”.

The Investigative Committee said work to establish the various criminal offences committed by the suspects in the planning and execution of the attack was ongoing. The preliminary findings of the investigation confirmed the terrorists had made thorough plans and were well-organised and financed, the Investigative Committee said on Telegram.

The Federal Security Service and Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that 11 suspects in the attack had been detained, eight of whom have since been remanded in custody.

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