Five Ukrainian drones downed over Russia’s Saratov and Belgorod regions

Four drones were shot down over central Russia’s Saratov region overnight, while another was shot down over the southern Belgorod region, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Telegram Wednesday.

Saratov Governor Roman Busargin said that one of the four drones intercepted was shot down over the city of Engels early on Wednesday, and that there had been no casualties.

Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that in view of the worsening security situation in the region, access to six villages in the area bordering Ukraine would be restricted from Wednesday. Anyone wishing to enter the villages will now have to pass through checkpoints manned by border guards, police and regional administration staff.

Gladkov added that school holidays would begin early for pupils in the city of Belgorod and municipalities near the Ukrainian border, while colleges and universities in the affected areas would temporarily teach online.

Gladkov said there were plans in place for additional security measures for residents of the border town of Grayvoron, which he said was currently being subjected to heavy shelling by Ukrainian forces.

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