Fellow dictators rush to congratulate Putin on his landslide ‘victory’ as final results announced

Incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin has been congratulated by his allies around the world following confirmation from the Central Election Commission that he’d been re-elected for a fifth presidential term with 87.28% of the votes on Monday.

According to the commission, the Communist Party of Russia candidate Nikolay Kharitonov came in second place with 4.31% of votes. He was followed by Vladislav Davankov, candidate of the New People, with 3.85% of the vote, while the last place went to Liberal Democratic Party of Russia leader Leonid Slutsky, who took just 3.2% of ballots.

Screenshot: Central Election Commission website

Screenshot: Central Election Commission website

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Putin on winning another term in the Kremlin and pledged that Beijing would maintain close relations with Russia to promote their partnership, according to Chinese state media.

“Your re-election is a full demonstration of the support of the Russian people for you,” Xi was quoted as saying by Xinhua News. “I believe that under your leadership, Russia will certainly be able to achieve greater achievements in national development and construction.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hailed Putin’s “stunning” victory and also praised the Russian people “for their deep commitment to democracy, expressed in their extraordinary participation” in the election.

Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega declared Vladimir Putin’s “triumph”, saying Russia’s election had been "exemplary and calm”, while Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed his “sincere congratulations” to his Russian counterpart on his re-election.

Bolivian President Luis Arce called the victory of the incumbent Russian leader “crushing”. It “confirms the unity of the courageous Russian people in their sovereignty and constant development,” Arce wrote on X.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a congratulatory message to Putin through the North Korean embassy in Russia, the Korean Central Telegraphic Agency reported, though its contents have not been made public.

Likewise, Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko called Putin on Monday to congratulate him on his victory, according to his office.

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