Russian military transport aircraft crashes in Ivanovo region killing 15

An Ilyushin Il-76 military transport aircraft has crashed in the Ivanovo region of central Russia, Telegram channel Ivanovo NEWS said on Tuesday.

The plane, which was based in Tver, in western Russia, crashed after an engine caught fire on take off from the Ivanovo Severny airbase, Telegram channel 112 reported. The pilot turned back and attempted an emergency landing, but crashed into a forested area, killing everyone on board, 112 said.

The Russian Defence Ministry later confirmed that an engine fire had caused the crash, and said that there had been 15 people on board; eight crew members and seven passengers.

This is the second recent crash of the same type of Soviet transport plane. On 24 January an Il-76 crashed in the Belgorod region near the Ukrainian border in circumstances that remain unclear, killing all 75 people on board.

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