Civilian killed as Ukraine and Russia attack each other overnight

A woman was killed by a Ukrainian shell in the Kursk region of southwestern Russia overnight, Governor Roman Starovoyt said Sunday.

The shell struck the woman’s house in the village of Kulbaki. The house then caught fire and her husband suffered burns and was hospitalised. The local authorities said Ukrainian forces had also shelled another village close to the border, with shrapnel causing damage.

An oil depot in Kursk was also hit. “The fire brigades and emergency services are at the scene,” Starovoyt said, but provided no further details.

The Russian Defence Ministry said the country’s air defence systems had intercepted four drones over the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, in two separate attacks overnight and early Sunday morning. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said debris from the falling drones had caused damage but no injuries.

Meanwhile, Russian troops launched 39 Shahed drones at Ukraine overnight, the Ukrainian Air Force (UAF) said on Sunday.

The UAF said it had been able to down 35 drones in various regions of the country during the four-hour long attack.


Three people were killed in the Donetsk region in the Russian overnight attacks, Governor Vadym Filashkin said in an update. Two people were killed after Shahed drones struck the town of Dobropillia, and a 66-year-old man died in shelling of Chasiv Yar. The number of injured after the shelling of Myrnohrad had increased to 12, he added, saying all had received medical attention.

In the Odesa region of southern Ukraine, a drone hit an industrial facility, causing a fire, but no casualties, while a drone damaged a power line in the Mykolayiv region, also in the country’s south.

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