Russia intercepts multiple Ukrainian drones

The Russian Defence Ministry foiled multiple Ukrainian drone attacks overnight, it said on Telegram Saturday.

Russian air defence systems managed to destroy 47 drones in several parts of the country. The worst affected was the Rostov region, in the south of the country, where 41 drones were shot down. Drones were also neutralised in the Belgorod, Kursk and Volgograd regions.

Rostov Governor Vasily Golubev said there was a massive attempted drone attack on the city of Taganrog overnight. Although most of the drones failed to reach their target, one person was injured.

Independent Russian media outlet IStories said one of the targets of the attack was the Beriev aircraft factory in the city which repairs and modernises A-50 aircraft. Russia has lost two A-50 aircraft in the past two months, with Ukraine claiming responsibility for both operations.

In early March, the British Ministry of Defence reported that Russia had temporarily halted A-50 flights near the front line.

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt wrote that the wreckage of a downed Ukrainian drone had struck the roof of a clinic in the city in southwestern Russia. Patients were evacuated from the intensive care unit due to the risk of explosion.

Volgograd Governor Andrey Bocharov wrote that all drone attacks over the past two days had been repulsed in the Volga region.

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