Political officers to return to state institutions to ‘boost patriotism’

In a throwback to the Soviet Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered state institutions to hire political officers, independent media outlet Meduza reported on Thursday.

The new position has reportedly been created to “ensure a deep understanding of state policy” and to “boost patriotism” in Russian government bodies, according to documents leaked from the Presidential Administration. 

Those appointed to the new position will be expected to organise “educational activities” such as meet-and-greets with veterans who fought in Ukraine, and to keep staff members up to date with the “military-political situation”, as well as to “fill in the gaps” in their knowledge of Russia’s historical, military and political history.

During the Soviet period, political officers oversaw the ideological education of employees within institutions,

According to the leaked documents, the Kremlin believes the recreation of the role in the 21st century will help combat misinformation that it said was spread by “media outlets controlled and funded by unfriendly states”.

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