Biden promises personal sanctions against Putin after meeting with Navalny family

Photo: the White House

Photo: the White House

US President Joe Biden promised to announce personal sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday following his meeting with Yulia and Dasha Navalnaya, CNN reported on Thursday.

The US President called his meeting with the wife and daughter of the late Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny an “honour” and called him a “man of incredible courage”, adding that sanctions would be imposed on Putin, who he said was “responsible for his death”.

Biden had earlier posted photographs from the meeting on X, saying that Navalny’s “legacy of courage” would live on in Yulia and Dasha, as well as in the “countless people across Russia fighting for democracy and human rights”.

The meeting in California came in the wake of Yulia Navalnaya’s address to the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, in which she called on ministers not to recognise the results of Russia’s upcoming presidential election, as well as to introduce harsher sanctions on Putin’s inner circle and to offer increased support for Russians fleeing the country.

The latest round of US sanctions on Russia will target over 500 individuals and entities connected to Russia’s war machine in the largest single package of measures announced by Washington since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Treasury spokesperson told AFP on Thursday.

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