Hackers publish personal data of 20 million Alfa Bank customers

Ukrainian hacker group KibOrg has made Alfa Bank’s complete customer database public on its website, sharing the personal data of tens of millions of its clients, independent Russian news website iStories reported on Monday.

The contents of the database, including full names, dates of birth, telephone numbers and account details of over 24 million individual customers and 13 million legal entities, were verified by iStories as corresponding to real people.

“The database contains 155,217,517 records, belonging to around 38 million different individual and legal parties. The database has client records from as early as 2004,” the hackers said.

KibOrg first accessed the database in October, when it released the information of 44,000 customers. At the time, Alfa Bank denied the leak. “This is fake information and we have nothing else to add,” the bank told state-owned news agency TASS.

KibOrg is infamous for previously hacking the database of Russian travel company Sirena-Travel, obtaining passenger information for flights taken between 2007 and 2023.

The hackers describe themselves as a “project of journalists and IT specialists united together in the fight against aggression in the information space”. The group says it investigates Russian crimes in Ukraine, exposes the activities of those that collaborate with the Russian government and debunks misinformation.

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