Former RT presenter hospitalised with symptoms of poisoning

Anton Krasovsky’s bedside selfie. Photo: Anton Krasovsky / Telegram

Anton Krasovsky’s bedside selfie. Photo: Anton Krasovsky / Telegram

Russian propagandist Anton Krasovsky has been hospitalised following a poisoning attempt, The Kyiv Post reported on Monday citing a Ukrainian military intelligence source.

Krasovsky posted a selfie from his hospital bed on Telegram, adding that he lost consciousness last week after acute stomach pain but that he is now “gradually recovering”.

However, The Kyiv Post’s source said that Krasovsky’s condition was continuing to worsen, and that his latest social media posts “were not written by the propagandist himself”.

Krasovsky, a long time presenter on Russian television network RT left the channel in October last year after he called for Ukrainian children who saw Russians as occupiers under the Soviet Union to be “thrown into a river with a strong current”.

In February 2023, Krasovsky was sentenced to a five-year jail term in absentia by a Ukrainian court on charges of calling for genocide and advocating the overthrow of the country’s constitutional system.

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