Russian deserter captured in Armenia deported to face charges

A Russian conscript who deserted from his military unit and fled to Armenia has been returned to Russia.

Dmitry Setrakov is now being detained by military police in Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia, according to human rights organisation Get Lost, which assisted him after he absconded last year and is now providing him with legal assistance.

Photo: Get Lost

Photo: Get Lost 

Setrakov was detained in the Armenian city of Gyumri on 7 December by officers who introduced themselves as Armenian military police. He was subsequently taken to the Russian military base in the city where he was detained.

According to Get Lost, this is the first known case of a fugitive conscript being subjected to extrajudicial rendering. Setrakov called his wife to inform her of his detention and she later broke the news.

Conscripted in September last year, Setrakov deserted and turned to Get Lost for help, finally managing to reach Armenia last month with their assistance.

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