Navalny urges Russians to vote for anyone but Putin in March’s presidential election

Jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny has called on Russians to vote for anyone but Vladimir Putin in March’s presidential election in a message posted on his Telegram channel on Thursday.

“The presidential election will be held on 17 March. We call on everyone to come to the polling stations and vote against Vladimir Putin by checking the box next to any other candidate,” Navalny said.

As part of this initiative, Navalny’s team has launched the Russia Without Putin campaign, which invites Russians to join Navalny’s underground headquarters, spray graffiti, put up posters, and telephone randomly selected Russians.

“It is everyone’s civil duty to convince at least 10 people to vote against Putin. Do more — teach others how to make a difference too. Tell people about the campaign, find new volunteers and keep changing people’s minds. The more people oppose Putin, the sooner Russia will be free,” the Neputin website says.

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