Russian news agencies withdraw report on regrouping of Russian troops

Reports detailing a Ministry of Defence announcement on Monday about the “regrouping” of Russian troops “east of the Dnieper” were withdrawn shortly after being published by Russian state-controlled news agencies TASS and RIA Novosti.

A screenshot of the original TASS report in Russian.

A screenshot of the original TASS report in Russian.

“Having assessed the current situation, the command of the Dnieper group decided to transfer troops to more advantageous positions east of the Dnieper. After the regrouping, the Dnieper group will release part of its forces to be used in an offensive,” the TASS report wrote.

News of the Russian retreat did not appear on the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel, however, and minutes later, RIA Novosti and TASS cancelled their reports saying that they had been released in error.

“The sending of a false message about the “regrouping” of troops in the Dnieper region, allegedly on behalf of the press center of the Russian Ministry of Defence, is a provocation,” the Ministry of Defense told Russian TV channel RBC.

In October, reports of a Ukrainian advance on the left bank of the Dnipro began to emerge. A few days ago, BBC News Russian wrote that the Ukrainian army had managed to gain a foothold on the river’s far shore.

“A few days ago, Ukrainian troops occupied the village of Krynki, and a day ago they transferred heavy equipment there,” the report, published on Saturday, said.

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