Russia launches fresh drone and missile strikes on Ukraine, Kadyrov condemns Makhachkala airport pogrom, says Palestine supporters should be jailed or shot

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It is day 615 of the war in Ukraine. Russia attacked multiple Ukrainian regions with drones and missiles overnight.

A Kaliningrad businessman was sentenced to 11 years in prison for allegedly attempting to join the Ukrainian military.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the seizure of Makhachkala airport by an anti-Semitic mob in neighbouring Dagestan on Sunday.

Novaya-Europe’s news roundup will brief you on the main developments overnight.

Russia launches fresh drone and missile strikes on Ukraine 

One civilian was killed and another 16 were injured in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region overnight, local governor Oleksand Prokudin reported on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian military issued an air strike warning for six regions in the south and east of the country. Poltava Governor Philip Pronin said that a Russian missile struck the Myrhorod district on Tuesday but that it had caused no casualties.

Combat drones were detected in the Mykolaiv, Khmelnytskyi and Kropyvnytskyi regions.

Oleksandr Vilkul, the head of the city defence council in Kryyi Rih, a city in the eastern Dnipro region, announced that Russia had used heavy artillery to attack the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets on Tuesday, damaging a total of eight homes.

Kaliningrad businessman sentenced to 11 years for treason

A military court in Moscow sentenced Andrey Galchevsky, a 60-year-old Kaliningrad businessman, to 11 years in prison for treason, state news agency TASS reported on Tuesday.

Andrey Galchevsky. Photo: SOTA

Andrey Galchevsky. Photo: SOTA

The prosecution claimed that Galchevsky, a citizen of both Russia and Israel, attempted to join the Ukrainian military and called on his Instagram followers to murder Russian draft officers.

According to the court, Galchevsky sent an email to Ukrainian embassies in Poland and Israel in the summer of 2022, asking to enlist in the Foreign Legion of the country’s Armed Forces. He planned to travel to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius via Moscow and Minsk, prosecutors alleged, but was detained in Russia in October 2022.

The businessman, who pleaded partially guilty, insisted he had not planned to join the Ukrainian military and had only booked a trip to Vilnius to “get christened at a Mormon church” there. He also said that he had only posted his comments on social media “through folly”.

Kadyrov condemns Makhachkala pogrom and cautions against any public display of support for Palestine

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya in southern Russia, has addressed the pogrom at Makhachkala airport in neighbouring Dagestan on Sunday, calling the ransacking of the airport by an angry anti-Semitic mob and threats towards Jews “unacceptable acts”, TASS reported on Tuesday.

“Doing the bidding of Russia’s enemies and stirring up unrest inside the country cannot be permitted. It is not allowed to hold protests, to ransack airpots, to call for violence towards Jewish people,” he said in footage shared by Telegram channel 1ADAT.

Kadyrov, who made his comments during a speech to the regional National Guard and police chiefs, also offered advice to law enforcement on dealing with public expressions of support for Palestine: “throw them into jails, or take three warning shots and then shoot them in the head”.

A total of 83 rioters were detained by the Dagestani police following the Makhachkala airport pogrom on Sunday.

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