Survey reveals almost half of Russians don’t earn enough to afford basic necessities

Some 45% of Russians say that their salary doesn’t cover the cost of basic necessities, Russian business newspaper RBC reported on Monday, citing a survey conducted by the biggest Russian online job hunting platform

Just two years ago, the percentage of working Russians who didn’t earn enough to meet their basic needs stood at 20%, less than half that figure, RBC noted.

The majority of participants (56%) said that they would need to earn more than 20,000 rubles (€200) extra per month to afford basic necessities, while 23% said they would be satisfied with an additional 20,000 rubles or less, and 21% said that an extra 15,000 rubles (€150) would be sufficient.

The largest proportion of financially stable people came from Moscow, according to the survey, where 26% of respondents said they could afford a comfortable life on their salary.

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