Russian drone and missile strikes launched against Ukraine overnight, Russian lawyers living abroad could face disbarment, Russia tightens restrictions for Ukrainian citizens entering country

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The aftermath of the attack on the Dnipro region / Photo: Serhiy Lysak

The aftermath of the attack on the Dnipro region / Photo: Serhiy Lysak

It is day 600 of the war in Ukraine. The Russian Armed Forces launched missile and drone strikes on Ukraine overnight, injuring four.

Russia has introduced new rules on the entry of Ukrainian passport holders to Russia.

Lawyers living abroad could face being disbarred under new legislation, Kommersant reported.

Novaya-Europe’s news roundup will brief you on the main developments overnight.

Fresh Russian attacks on Ukraine overnight

Air raid sirens sounded in over half of Ukraine’s regions overnight as missile and drone strikes were launched, the Ukrainian Air Force reported on Monday.

Dnipro region Governor Serhiy Lysak said that the Russian military launched missiles at the region, adding that one had been shot down, while another hit the city of Nikopol, damaging multiple buildings and leaving almost 1,500 households with no power. No casualties were reported, however.

One person was injured in Russian shelling of the Kherson region that damaged buildings in residential areas, Governor Oleksandr Prokudin said on Monday.

Three people, including a 10-year-old child, were injured in a missile strike on the Poltava region, according to Governor Filipp Pronin, who said that all three had been hospitalised.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that it has intercepted 11 of the 12 Shahed drones and two of the five Kh-59 missiles used by Russia to attack Ukraine overnight.

Russian tightens entry procedures for Ukrainian citizens

Russia has temporarily introduced a special entry procedure for Ukrainian citizens arriving in Russia, TASS reported on Monday. From 16 October, Ukrainian citizens can only enter Russia overland through one check point on the Latvian border as well as via Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The rule doesn’t apply to Ukrainians under 14 entering Russia on their own or with a legal guardian who’s a Russian citizen.

Last week, the Latvian government announced it would close the Vientuli-Ludonka checkpoint from its side on national security grounds amid fears the new rules could force Ukrainian citizens to travel to Latvia and remain there indefinitely until they are cleared to use the border crossing.

Russian lawyers living abroad to face disbarment 

Russian lawyers residing abroad will face being disbarred, Russian daily newspaper Kommersant reported on Monday, citing Russia’s Federal Chamber of Advocates and an amendment to existing legislation proposed by the Russian government.

The proposed amendment would disbar any lawyer living for more than a year outside Russia without a valid reason. The amendment would prevent “trust in the institution of law” being undermined by lawyers continuing to practice law in so-called “unfriendly countries”, the bill’s authors said.

Lawyers interviewed by Kommersant expressed concern that the amendment could be used to put pressure on their colleagues who continue to work in the field abroad.

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