Wagner mercenary with multiple convictions detained on suspicion of raping two teenagers in Russia’s Volgograd region

A criminal case against a 29-year-old Wagner fighter suspected of raping two teenage girls has been opened in the city of Kamyshin, Russia’s southern Volgograd region, the local Investigative Committee reported on Wednesday.

According to local media outlet, a former Wagner Group mercenary with multiple prior convictions, Yevgeny Osipov, was detained on suspicion of rape.

On 9 October 2023, Osipov met two underage girls, invited them to his home, and then sexually assaulted them. One of the victims was able to flee Osipov’s apartment, getting outside and telling what happened to passers-by who then called the police, the Investigative Committee reported.

Both victims are 16, said. Yevgeny Osipov has multiple previous convictions: he served several prison sentences for theft, robbery, involving minors in criminal activity, causing grievous bodily harm, and murder threats, journalists discovered.

It’s possible that Osipov signed a contract with the Wagner Group while serving his latest sentence — this time, for robbery and criminal damage to property — and went to fight in the war in Ukraine, speculated, adding that it is unknown how long he spent at the front lines.

On 31 August 2023, following Osipov’s return from the war, a criminal case on robbery was filed against Osipov with the Kamyshin City Court.

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