Teenager injures three people in knife attack at school in Russia’s south

A 15-year-old has injured three people at a school in the southern Rostov region of Russia, the Russian Investigative Committee said on Monday.

According to Rostov region governor Vasily Golubev, the teenager, his face hidden behind a mask, was armed with a knife and attacked people at the entrance to the school.

The assailant was detained by people at the scene, Golubev said, adding that no children had been injured in the attack. According to Golubev, the attacker was a ninth grader at the school who he said was known to “suffer from mental illness”.

Two of the people injured in the attack were school employees, while the third was a family member of a pupil, the Investigative Committee reported, adding that all three had received necessary medical attention.

Russian Telegram channel 112 reported that the two school employees have stab wounds on their arms, while the relative of one of the students was stabbed in the back.

Unconfirmed media reports identified the attacker as 15-year-old Grigory Belyaev, saying that he had met with his father, who had just returned from fighting in Ukraine after being mobilised last autumn, on Sunday.

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