Late Wagner Group chief’s heirs reportedly clash over inheritance

An inheritance case linked to an estate belonging to a person with the same name and personal details as Yevgeny Prigozhin, the late founder of the mercenary Wagner Group, has been registered by a notary in St. Petersburg, local news outlet Fontanka reported on Saturday.

Media reports claim that a conflict has developed between members of the Prigozhin family over the contents of the late Wagner founder's will. Prigozhin is believed to have left most of his assets to his son, while his daughters were bequeathed significantly less.

Prigozhin has one son, Pavel, and two daughters, Polina and Veronika. Pavel Prigozhin reportedly owns a business centre and two other companies in St. Petersburg.

Polina Prigozhina co-owns the city's Museum of Chocolate with her mother, while her company recently bought a historic country house near St. Petersburg at auction.

Veronika Prigozhina, who owns a hotel in the centre of St. Petersburg, is the only one of Prigozhin's children who is not under international sanctions.

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