Fresh drone strikes launched at three regions in central Russia, Kim Jong Un expects to meet with Putin while visiting Russia later this month

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A dinner during Kim Jong Un’s official visit to Russia in April 2019. Photo: the Kremlin press service

A dinner during Kim Jong Un’s official visit to Russia in April 2019. Photo: the Kremlin press service

It is day 559 of the war in Ukraine. Drones were downed in the Moscow, Kaluga, and Tver regions of Russia overnight. Kim Jong Un could meet with Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok this month. Russia’s State Duma has reconvened after the summer break.

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Kim Jong Un plans to meet Putin in Russia this month

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un plans to visit Russia later this month for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, The New York Times has reported, citing US officials.

The two leaders are expected to attend Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum, which takes place between 10-13 September in the city of Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East, the paper reported, adding that Kim Jong Un is expected travel to Russia on his armoured train, with a visit to Moscow afterwards also potentially on the cards.

Putin and Kim are intending to discuss a potential arms sale by Pyongyang to Moscow that would include much-needed artillery shells and anti-tank missiles to bolster its forces in Ukraine, according to US officials.

Kim is also reportedly hoping to broker a deal that would see Russia supply North Korea with food aid, as well as “advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines”.

Drones attack Russia’s Moscow, Kaluga, and Tver regions 

Drones launches at Russian targets overnight were downed over the Moscow, Kaluga, and Tver regions of central Russia, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said on Tuesday morning.

No casualties or damage were reported, Sobyanin said, though he noted that the drone shot down over the Tver region had been on a flight path towards Moscow.

An emergency protocol was activated at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport during the attack on Tuesday morning, according to Russian Telegram channels. At least 30 flights were delayed or cancelled at Vnukovo as well as at other Moscow airports, with both Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports being briefly shut down, according to the Russian Aviation Agency.

Russian State Duma begins autumn session

Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has begun its autumn session, with deputies spending the next two weeks in their constituencies, before reconvening in Moscow on 18 September, according to the parliamentary schedule.

From October, deputies will start following their normal schedule, with three weeks per month dedicated to parliamentary sessions and one dedicated to working with constituents. The autumn session will end on 31 December.

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