One dead, two injured in shelling of Belgorod region

One person has died, two more have been injured in shelling of the village of Urazovo, Belgorod region, located in southern Russia on the border with Ukraine, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported on Saturday.

“One of the shells landed on a private residential house, the explosion killed one person. The man sustained lethal fragmentation wounds. Two more residents were injured,” Gladkov wrote.

He claimed that Ukraine had conducted a multiple rocket launcher attack. Earlier, the governor reported that the village of Dolgoye had been shelled and a drone had been downed in the Grayvoron town district. He added that nobody was killed or injured in both incidents.

The Kursk region authorities also reported a round of shelling earlier on Saturday. Governor Roman Starovoyt noted that the village of Uspenovka had been shelled from the Ukrainian side, adding that “a woman was injured in the blast”.

He also said that the village of Troitskoye had lost power in shelling.

Bryansk region Governor Alexander Bogomaz also reported a round of shelling on the region. He claimed that Ukraine shelled the villages of Klimovo, Kurkovich, and Belaya Berezka. No one was injured.

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