Russian attack on Kherson kills local civilian woman

Russian missile strike on Kharkiv region kills one more

A Russian attack on downtown Kherson, southern Ukraine, has killed one civilian woman, the Kherson region administration reported on Sunday.

The administration added that a 51-year-old man had also been injured and taken to hospital in critical condition.

The region’s air-raid alarms went off twice earlier today. Later, the administration reported that Russia’s guided air bombs fell near Kherson and several nearby villages.

The Kherson regional prosecution has launched a pre-trial investigation into the violation of rules and laws of war coupled with a premeditated murder.

On the eastern front, a civilian woman was killed in the village of Odnorobivka, Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, by shelling, regional governor Oleh Syniehubov reported on Sunday. He added that Russian multiple rocket launchers carried out the attack.

In the Kyiv region, two people were injured after debris from downed Russian missiles fell on the ground on Sunday. In total, ten private residential houses were damaged. The Russian Defence Ministry said that its forces had struck a military airfield in Pinchuky, Kyiv region.

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