Three locals arrested in Latvia, suspected of being on FSB mission

Latvia’s security agency VDD has detained four Latvian nationals; they are suspected of helping a foreign state in an activity against Latvia, VDD says.

“The information obtained in the course of the VDD investigation shows that the persons were acting on behalf of the FSB of Russia and carried out actions aimed at the freedom of action, inviolability, economic, social and physical security of other persons,” reads the statement.

Three of the four suspects are currently under arrest while the fourth suspect is facing non-custodial security measures, i.e. a ban on leaving the country and notification of a change of residence.

VDD searched 14 facilities in Riga and other latvian cities. A large amount of data carriers and documents were confiscated for in-depth research, the agency notes. Some of those were “goods of strategic importance and could be used for illegal operational activities”.

A 28-year-old Russian ice hockey player was detained in Poland on 30 June on suspicion of espionage. Media outlet Agentstvo noted that Russian player Maxim Sergeyev fitted the description given out by the prosecutor’s office.

The Washington Post reported that Russian intelligence created a spy network in Poland, recruiting Ukrainian refugees into it. In total, 16 people were detained in the case: 12 Ukrainians, three citizens of Belarus and one Russian national.

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