Czech Republic arrests assets of Russia’s top missile manufacturer

The Czech Republic’s financial department has arrested assets of Boris Obnosov, Russia’s top missile manufacturer and head of the Tactical Missiles Corporation holding, and his family members, Czech TV reported on Tuesday.

The frozen assets include 14 apartments registered under the name of Obnosov’s son-in-law Rostislav Zorikov as well as a real estate company dubbed Riomax. Altera, a different Czech company, Zorikov managed to transfer to his father. In total, Obnosov’s family owns €4 million worth of properties in the country.

In mid-August, the Czech Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on Obnosov as well as his daughter Olga and her husband Rostislav Zorikov.

Boris Obnosov heads the Tactical Missiles Corporation that produces missiles that Russia uses to attack Ukraine. In particular, the corporation manufactured the projectile that hit a residential building in Dnipro which killed 46 people and injured 80 more.

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