Two injured by falling drone debris in Moscow region

Two people have been injured after debris of a downed drone fell in the Moscow region, Governor Andrey Vorobyov reports.

The debris of one of the two intercepted drones fell on a private residential property in the Istra district. Two people were injured: a man was taken to hospital, while a woman was treated at the site, the governor writes.

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry reported a downed drone in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. Flight restrictions were temporarily introduced in Moscow’s four main passenger airports.

The second drone was brought down over the Istra district. Head of Russia’s RT Margarita Simonyan claims that it fell one street away from her residence.

Head of the Kaluga region’s Kirov district administration Vladislav Shapsha reports that a “UAV attack was repelled”. He clarified that no one was injured, no damages were recorded.

Belgorod region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported that on 20 August three drones were downed over the Solomino village.

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