Russian Justice Ministry adds writer Linor Goralik, human rights activist Sergey Krivenko to ‘foreign agent’ list

The Russian Justice Ministry has expanded its “foreign agent” list by adding writer Linor Goralik and human rights activist Sergey Krivenko.

The list also now includes:

  • Public figure Andrey Piontkovsky
  • Deputy Chair of the Oirat-Kalmyk People’s Congress Vladimir Dovdanov
  • Economist Andrey Illarionov
  • Activist of the Free Yakutia Foundation Sarylgana Kondakova
  • Writer Tatyana Sotnikova

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office believes that all newly inducted “foreign agents”, except for Illarionov, publicly opposed the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Andrey Illarionov “promoted” posts made by “foreign agents” and “false information” about Russian authorities, the statement reads.

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