Governor says Ukrainian sabotage group attempted incursion into Russia’s Bryansk region

A Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance unit has attempted to infiltrate Russia’s Bryansk region located on the Ukrainian border, Governor Alexander Bogomaz said.

The official noted that the Russian Armed Forces and FSB thwarted this attempt to enter the Russian territory via the village of Kurkovichi.

“No one was injured,” the governor said, adding that one animal at an agricultural facility was killed in the Ukrainian shelling.

The Russian Defence Ministry did not offer comments on the situation.

Earlier today, Serhiy Nayev, commander of the joint Ukrainian forces, revealed that a Russian sabotage group had attempted an incursion into the Chernihiv region. He noted that a sentry had noticed two armed groups approaching the checkpoint line from opposing sides and “a gun battle ensued”.

Nayev noted that 12 people had been killed in the unit in total. The military commander stressed that “having suffered losses in killed and injured [soldiers], the enemy retreated”.

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