TV Rain declared ‘undesirable organisation’ in Russia

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has declared TV Rain, an independent Russian TV channel, an “undesirable organisation”.

A statement by the Prosecutor General’s Office says that TV Rain’s bureaus in Latvia (SIA TV Rain) and the Netherlands (TVR Studios B.V.) are “spreading content by extremist organisations (the Anti-Corruption Foundation and Navalny’s headquarters), terrorist organisations (Hizb ut-Tahrir), and foreign agents (Meduza, Radio Liberty)”.

a message from Novaya-europe

Novaya-Europe stands with TV Rain.

We know what you have been through over the years of working in Russia and now in exile. We know you as true and reliable friends.

We are confident that Russian censorship cannot put an end to TV Rain. We will do everything we can to support you, just as you have supported Novaya. No to war, and long live TV Rain.

The Russian authorities also claim that TV Rain has been publishing content by other “undesirable” organisations. The channel also “discredits Russian government bodies and law enforcement, spreading unreliable information about the special military operation and supporting organisations and individuals included on the foreign agent list”.

The Russian Justice Ministry earlier added TV Rain reporter Mikhail Kozyrev to the “foreign agent” list.

TV Rain was forced to suspend operations in Russia shortly after the invasion of Ukraine. Its team first moved to Latvia, but the channel’s licence was revoked in December after one of its hosts, Alexey Korostylev, made controversial remarks live on air. TV Rain later got a broadcasting licence in the Netherlands.

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