Local authorities: drones attack oil pipeline administrative building in Pskov region

An oil pipeline administrative building has been damaged in Russia’s Pskov region following a drone attack, local governor Mikhail Vedernikov reports.

The incident happened near the locality of Litvinovo. Baza telegram channel says a Transneft oil pumping station was targeted.

Governor says the drone attack caused an explosion which did not inflict any injuries. Preliminary data shows there were two drones in the attack, Vedernikov reports.

Baza says there were two explosions that damaged “the facades and windows of three administrative buildings”.

The locality of Litvinovo is located near the border with Belarus.

Screenshot: Google Maps

Screenshot: Google Maps

Baza also reports that drones also attacked the Belgorod region, hitting a police station and a public services centre in the locality of Maysky, as well as a thermal power plant in Belgorod. No injuries were reported.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russian territories have been attacked more than two thousand times, says Vladimir Kulishov, head of the Russian FSB Border Guard Service.

He says that, in the Russian border area, “the number of shelling from the territory of Ukraine of military, border, transport and energy infrastructure has increased,” including with the use of drones, since February 2022.

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