Russia’s Justice Ministry adds lead singer of Russian rock band Bi-2 to ‘foreign agents’ list

The Justice Ministry of Russia has added the lead singer of Russian rock band Bi-2 Leva (Yagor Borotnik) and economist Vladislav Inosemtsev to the list of “foreign agents”.

Furthermore, the “foreign agents” list now includes:

  • Irina Alleman, host of the YouTube channel Popular Politics
  • Sergey Chernyshov, director of the Novosibirsk Open College
  • Alexandra Arkhipoca, anthropologist, folklorist
  • Alexander Gabuyev, director of the Carnegie Centre on Study of Russia and Eurasia
  • Anna Pshenichnaya, lawyer
  • Magomed Gadzhiev, former deputy of Russia’s State Duma from the United Russia party
  • Olga Tsukanova, head of the Council of Mothers and Wives. The organisation itself has been added to the “foreign agents” list too.
  • People’s Union of Russia’s Revival

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