Russia attacks Kyiv with drones for 12th time in May. Ukraine’s forces report shooting down all 36 drones

The Russian forces have attacked Kyiv using drones for the 12th time since the beginning of May; Ukraine’s air defence has destroyed all air targets, the Kyiv city military administration reports.

“During the [air raid] alert that was on for over three hours, the enemy, according to preliminary data, used loitering munitions Shahed. The attack was massive. The enemy continues using the tactic of attacking in several waves, with intervals between the groups of attack drones,” the head of the administration Serhiy Popkov says.

According to him, Russia’s Armed Forces use this tactic to “exhaust” Ukraine’s air defence.

The Ukrainian Air Force reports that it was able to destroy all 36 Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 attack drones.

“In total, the launches of 36 loitering munitions from the north and south directions were documented. It’s likely the enemy’s goal was to attack the critical infrastructure and military facilities in the western regions of the country,” the statement reads.

On 20 May, Russia attacked Ukraine with drones for the 11th time this May. According to the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Russia launched 18 Shahed drones on Kyiv in total, all of them were destroyed.

Drone debris fell down on the city: no one was hurt, however a resident building caught fire, while an auto repair shop, parked cars, windows of the resident building, and road surface were damaged, the city administration said at the time.

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