Belarus national who launched white-blue-white balloons and flag in Moscow arrested for 15 days for ‘petty hooliganism’

A Moscow court has arrested Dmitry Golovlev, a Belarusian citizen who was detained in Moscow on 22 May for launching white-blue-white balloons and flag in the air, for 15 days. OVD-Info reports that he was found guilty of petty hooliganism.

The ruling came on 23 May, it is published online.

Golovlev and his wife Yulia, Russian national, were detained on 22 May in Moscow several hours after they launched white-blue-white balloons and flag up in the air.

Mediazona reports, citing their friend, that their phones are off and there is no communication with the couple. Their whereabouts are unknown. The couple has two kids, one of them is younger than six months. It is also unclear where their kids are.

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