Russian ministry wants universities to lower university fees for kids of Ukraine war participants

The Russian Education Ministry has drawn up recommendations for Russian universities on enrolment of children whose parents are involved in the Ukraine war.

Universities are recommended to support students who returned from the war as well as kids of service members fighting in the war. For instance, institutions are advised to provide financial help, reduce tuition fees, and offer extensions on school payments.

According to the ministry, these students should also be prioritised when it comes to dormitories.

“Universities are advised to cancel dormitory fees for these students or reduce the payment,” the recommendation reads.

The university can cover the difference by using its own funds.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on preferences for children of service members sent to Ukraine.

The allocated quota is “10% in each course or field of study”. Children of killed war participants can enter Russian universities within the quota without entrance exams.

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