Russian Defence Ministry: more than 70 saboteurs who infiltrated Belgorod region eliminated

The Russian Defence Ministry for the first time has issued a comment on the 22 May attack carried out by a “sabotage and reconnaissance group” on Russia’s Belgorod region.

In its latest bulletin, the ministry said that “nationalist units were blocked and defeated. The rest of the sabotage party was pushed back into Ukraine “where they were targeted by firearms until full elimination”. In total, “more than 70 Ukrainian terrorists, four combat armoured vehicles, and five pickup trucks” were neutralised, the ministry noted.

The news emerged this morning that a woman born in 1941 died during the evacuation mission from the Grayvoron district in the Belgorod region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported. According to Gladkov, there are reports about two locals injured in the settlements where a “Ukrainian army sabotage and reconnaissance group” made an incursion but they can’t be reached yet. “The mopping-up of the territory by the Defence Ministry and law enforcement agencies continues,” the official added.

Gladkov noted that 12 civilians were injured in the attacks on settlements in the region located on the Ukrainian border in the past 24 hours.

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