Russia opens ‘terrorism’ criminal case following Belgorod region attack

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on six counts, including terrorism, after the Belgorod region authorities claimed that a “Ukrainian army sabotage and reconnaissance group” made an incursion into the region.

The criminal counts also include attempt on law enforcement officers’ lives, attempted murder, deliberate destruction of or damage to properties, illegal arms circulation and explosive substances.

The Investigative Committee reported that on 22 May “representatives of of Ukrainian armed groups” attacked the Belgorod region’s Grayvoronsky district. “Residential and administrative buildings as well as civil infrastructure facilities were targeted by mortar and artillery shelling. Several civilians were injured in these criminal acts,” the agency noted.

It was reported that clashes broke out in border-adjacent settlements, while Ukrainian armoured vehicles arrived at the Grayvoron checkpoint. Ukraine said that the attack was carried out by the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps.

The local authorities noted that eight people had been injured in the attack, no civilians were killed. However, a woman born in 1941 died during an evacuation mission organised in the Grayvoronsky district. The “counter-terrorism operation” order was declared in the Belgorod region which bans dissemination of any information apart from the officially issued reports.

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