Ukraine authorities: three people, including five-year-old child, killed in Russian attack on Kherson region

A child has been killed in a Russian attack on Zelenivka, Ukraine’s Kherson region, head of the Ukrainian president’s office Andriy Yermak reported.

“The Russians killed a child in the Kherson region. It happened in an attack on Zelenivka. The father brought the child into the hospital in his arms,” he wrote.

According to him, two more people were injured. “They were all near a shop,” Yermak noted.


Three people died in the attack on the Kherson region, the five-year-old child is among them, the Ukraine Prosecutor General’s Office reported.

According to the agency, Russian forces shelled a village in the Kherson region at 4 PM on 17 May. One of the projectiles landed near a shop while people were inside. A five-year-old boy and two more men were killed. One more man and a teenage boy sustained various injuries.

On 16 May, the Kherson administration reported that the Russian army shelled the region 13 times in 24 hours. Five people, including three children, were injured, the local authorities said then.

Earlier today, the Kherson administration said that the Russian army shelled Kherson, striking an apartment block with a missile at 1 AM. Two parts of the building from the first to the fifth floor were destroyed. As a result, a fire broke out which was later extinguished. No one was injured.

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